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The highest level of education supported by over fifteen years of experience gained in the reputable legal offices and within the scope of direct cooperation with the business Clients, constitute grounds for the activity of the Law Firm.

The Law Firm lays particular emphasize on identification of needs of entities, who cooperate with us, in order to offer them a comprehensive legal assistance including preparation of a concept how to meet the needs of the Client an its scrupulous implementation.

The aim of the Law Firm is to serve business within the broad meaning of the business consultancy, which exceeds the scope of typical legal assistance.

We are guided by the aim to understand needs of our Clients, which we implement by upgrading and broadening skills of our team and continuing education.

  Ewa Kolasińska & Filip Kolasiński



Comprehensive Service Of Entrepreneurs

We provide assistance to entrepreneurs in all spheres of their business activity. We also provide a broad analysis of the current legal status of our Clients. We offer legal advisory regarding all aspects necessary to choose the form of the undertaking of a given entrepreneur and implementation of selected solutions. The above mentioned services are constantly used by entities looking for new solutions as well as those, who are commencing their market activity with a benefit to their everyday operation.

Real Estate Law

We provide assistance to our Clients on each stage of investment – from choosing a real estate through obtaining required documentation and administrative decisions to realisation and commercialization of the investment.


Preparation and implementation of renewable energy sources industry projects especially photovoltaic farms, on every stage of investment including audit of completed projects ready for fulfilment or oriented on their continuation.


Our Law Firm has many years of experience within the scope of personal data protection and drafting documentation related to this question.

Intellectual Property Law

We provide comprehensive services within the scope of protection of intellectual property rights of our Clients or granting them right to use third party’s work including drafting contracts and other documentation regarding granting license to use work, transfer of copyrights, obtaining protection rights for the trademark

Court Disputes

Our Firm successfully assists Clients within the scope of court disputes, granting them support on each stage of proceeding – from analysis if it is justified to commence a court dispute through representation within the course of the proceeding to enforcement of receivables.

Initial Consultations

Please contact us in order to receive a free of charge initial legal assessment of your case!



Ewa Kolasińska


She has a long experience in serving business Clients, especially in such areas of interest as commercial companies law, personal data protection, labour law, commercial contracts

Filip Kolasiński


He has a broad knowledge and experience within the scope of real estate law and assistance throughout the investment process, including construction and commercial companies law.

Tomasz Święch


He specializes primarily in comprehensive legal assistance of Polish and foreign entrepreneurs and their representation within the course of court and administrative proceedings.

Róża Dziewa


Since 2010, she has been gaining professional experience in law firms, focusing on legal services for business entities. She has experience in providing legal advices for business entities, foundations and associations. Participant of many national and international conferences on commercial companies law and industrial property law. Author of publications in the field of company law and civil law.

Agnieszka Olejniczak


She has many years of experience in providing comprehensive legal services to businesses in a variety of sectors, such as e-commerce, energetic, production, transport or real estate. She is focused on commercial and mercantile law, including drafting, providing opinions and negotiating commercial contracts of all types, providing advises in corporate issues, as well as creation of companies, their transformation or liquidation.

We are supported by constantly expanded team of highly qualified lawyers and legal advisers, who obtained a specialistic knowledge and broad experience within the scope of serving entrepreneurs and real estate law, including real estate trading, assistance of entities acting on real estate market, investment and construction process and realisation of undertakings regarding renewable energy sources.


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