Real Estate Law

The scope of our services within the scope of real estate law includes in particular:

  • due diligence of real estate – analysis of land and mortgage registers, planning documentation, reprivatisation claims, etc.
  • comprehensive legal support during the process of negotiations leading to acquisition of real estate or to construction of a building on other party’s land
  • clarifying the legal status of the property, extension of the property rights – e.g. establishment of easement
  • assistance in choosing the way of financing of the investment or determining the basic rules for financial settlement with the potential purchaser of the investment or given premises
  • support in the course of the process of concluding a credit agreement or other contract preparing the investment from a financial perspective
  • legal assistance within the scope of preparation and conclusion of a preliminary property purchase or lease agreement, reservation agreement, developer contract or other agreement to acquire or obtain a legal title to use the property
  • legal assistance of a broadly defined administrative process enabling to start an investment, including obtaining a decision on environmental conditions, a zoning decision, obtaining a building permit, conducting subsidiary procedures (representation in front of administrations, network dignitaries, etc.)
  • assistance within the scope of civil law relations connected with the completion of investments, in particular contracts and their negotiations, and subsequently the implementation of rights resulting from warranties or guarantees
  • legal support throughout the process of so-called commercialization of investment – including sales of investments, rent, etc., as well as the lease of significant office space